Unique work of art - a handmade Artist notebook - The covers illustrated by the artist Erez Sameach. Part of a special project: "MY NOTEBOOK" for the biggest Israeli Art fair "Fresh Paint" 2019


A unique notebook that it's cover was illustrated by hand and is ONE OF a kind.

The painting technique that Erez used is Spray.

The size of the notebook is 20*24 cm - A special size for a notebook.
Can use for painting, sketching, writing and illustrating 
The notebook cover ,made of 700 gr wood free card-board, enabled the use of a wide range of painting techniques such as illustrating, collage and more.

Special binding with bare spine (swiss binding) which allow the notebook to be fully opened.
Cover thickness - 1 mm
Ecological paper - 90 gr
100 inner pages

Erez Sameach

AKA Erezoo.
Has been drawing throughout his entire life, using a variety of techniques, and like to fit his drawings to specific locations and projects.
Graduated from the Department of Visual Communication at the WIZO Haifa Academic Center.
His works often present an enigmatic story that connects realistic with surreal situations.
He deals a lot with the relationship between man and environment, and our nature as people, hence his nickname.
He is a designer, illustrator and street artist. Branding of cultural and social subjects and events, such as art, music, festivals and parties, is his specialty.
He's been drawing on walls all over the country and hopes abroad soon, too.
Today he lives and work in Haifa in the new studio, Blind Burden, which he established together with his brother Zivink, a street artist as well.

Website: EREZOO.com

Instagram: EREZOO_art

This notebook is Part of pulp special project : "My Notebook" 

Every artist who uses a notebook as an idea storage, searches for the right notebook for him/her. The project presents an individual interpretation by ten artists to the connection between the artist and the notebook. The project featured about 60 notebooks produced by Pulp especially for the project and use a different binding technique than usual. Each is a unique work of art.

We chose to present the artists personal touch and interpretation on the notebook cover.

Every artist made only 6 notebooks.

Every notebook is one-of a kind - you won't be able to order the same notebook twice.
If there are less than 6 notebook presented - It because the rest were sold.
You cannot order what is not in stock.
Please choose in the options the notebook you would like to order .

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