A5 Flexi Light Blue Cool Pattern Cover & Black closing rubber Notebook With a Special Place for a Pen/Pencil and a Place for Documents & a free PULP pencil!


So after a long time, we sat and listened and tried to develop the ideal notebook for you - it came! And there is no way you will not have one!

A flexible cover made from a cool plastic material with a special grid pattern blind embossing on the cover.

The color of the notebook is Light Blue.
The color of the closing rubber is Black.

The pages are sewn and the notebook opens all the way.

You can choose the opening side: right to left / left to right.

At the end of each notebook, there is a pocket for documents and a rubber band to place a pen/pencil.
As a gift from us - you get 1 free black HB PULP pencil!

Right to left: 2 Options for the inner pages - Line on Plain.
Left to right: Line only.
A clean, beautiful and aesthetic notebook from Pulp!

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