A5 Notebook + strap


Notebook+strap + pen +yellow marker pencil

The Notebook Strap is made from neoprene material and can easily be attached to your notebook so you can take your favorite writing tools with you.


Plain A5 Notebook

Number of sheets 100

Paper covers 380 g/m²

Paper content print grid 90 g/m²

Width 148 mm /5.8 in

Height 210 mm/ 8.3 in

Depth 12 mm/0.47 in


Neoprenesynthetic rubber sleeve

Products size 192×40 mm / 7.55×1.57 in


Plastic fine-writer pen with exchangeable refill

Products size 134×10 mm / 5.27×0.39 in


Yellow marker pencils

Products size 170×10 mm /6.69 ×0.39 in

3 color option:

Yellow Notebook +Blue P strap

Blue Notebook + Red Strap

Grey Notebook + Yellow strap



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