Artist A5 notebook by Pulp & Rubi Bakal
Artist A5 notebook by Pulp & Rubi Bakal

Artist A5 notebook by Pulp & Rubi Bakal

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We have created a new collection that combines works of young and talented artists, On the occasion of "Freshpaint", the biggest and the most influential contemporary art and design fair in Tel Aviv.
the process was interesting: We issued a call to all the hundreds of graduates artist of "freshpaint" incubator and invited them to participate in the production of a series of limited edition paper products. the Subject: was: Hope
We chose works of five artists of different styles. We worked with every artist on adapting the work or a section of it or even using sketches of the work, into a new daily product. And with each artist, a series was created that is appropriate for the nature of his works.
This A5 notebook is a part of a new collection of Pulp & the artist, Rubi Bakal
- A5 notebook, softcover, 100 inner papers 90 gr. printed in lines or unique grid with a rubber band

About Rubi Bakal: part of a series of paintings made from dust on canvas- 2012-2015. each painting is constructed by laying several layers of hand-cut stencils and objects on the canvas surface, letting it accumulate dust. each painting is left at the place that the image is taken from, and maintained over a period of several months with different layers of stencils, resulting in a process resembling photographic exposure. at the end of the process, the image emerges, resulting in a site-specific result of tone, texture, and color of the sites residues.

A5 Notebook
Papers cover 350 g/m²
100 printed inner pages 90 g/m²
black rubber band

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