Frame Up! by Tamir Shefer - 6 Coloring Pictures With a Paper Frame+ Bonus Coloring Poster


Frame Up! is a very unique Coloring Kit by the artist, Tamir Shefer
The kit includes 6 Coloring pictures with a paper frame+ bonus coloring poster full size.
Tamir Shafer's iconic illustrations blend Symbolism, Comics, Naïve art and
Primitivism. It provokes the imaginations through a taunting fusion of old and
new – it poses questions, yet yields no answers. His mixed media technique
reflects society’s busy and overcrowded nature in the form of density, color, and
a number of images.

Shefer’s art has been exhibited in museums, commissioned by leading
institutions, purchased by prominent art collectors and published in newspapers
and magazines such as the New York "Village Voice", the "San Diego Union
Tribune" and the "San Francisco Bay Guardian”.

Poster size: 70*100 cm
Pictures and frames size: 18X18 cm

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