Artist Paper Cube by Pulp & Feodor Netanel Bezzubov


We have created a new collection that combines works of young and talented artists, on the occasion of  "Freshpaint", the biggest and the most influential  contemporary art and design fair in Tel Aviv.

The process was interesting: We issued a call to all the hundreds of graduated artists of  "Freshpaint"  incubator and invited them to participate in the production of a series of limited edition paper products. the Subject: Hope.

We chose works of  five artists of different styles. We worked with every  artist on adapting the work or a section of it or even using sketches of the work, into a new daily product. With each artist, a series was created that is appropriate for the nature of his works.

This paper cube is a part of a new collection by Pulp & artist Feodor Netanel Bezzubov

- Paper cube made of 1000 unique printed sheets. Size  10 * 10 .  This convenient Memo Notepad Cube comes with a jumbo colored  pencil and is packed in a print box.

Feodor Netanel Bezzubov, graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and won the prize of the Ministry of Industry 2004. Presented several solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous group exhibitions of Israeli design. Design award of the Ministry of Culture. Working as an independent designer.

Paper Cube

100 /100 mm

1000 grid pages 90 g/m²

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