2121 Notepad + Shorty Mechanical Pencil





This convenient writing set includes an attractive 21*21 cm sized notepad and the Yellow Shorty mechanical pencil.

Just open the cover and you’ll find the mechanical pencil in its especially cut-out pocket space



Number of sheets 115



Paper cover 380 g/m



Paper content print grid 90 g/m



Width 210 mm /8.26 in



Height 210 mm /8.26 in



 Depth 14 mm/ 0.5 in





Mechanical pencil



Made of plastic, plastic color : yellow,red,black,blue



With a 3.15 mm 7B graphite lead,



incl. 1 tube with 2 spare leads graphite 7B



× 0.47 in12 mm /4.09 ×Products size 104



Produced from 100% post consumer recycled waste




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