Artist Coloring Book- Escapism By LaCulture & Pulp


Fourteen young and promising artists and illustrators invite you to escape into their

world of dream and fantasy in this unique Artist Coloring Book.

Let your imagination run wild in these secret gardens, delectable feasts and

otherworldly dreamscapes. Because sometimes, reality needs to be left behind.

This Artist Coloring Book was curated and designed especially for  the LaCulture exhibition in Tel-Aviv, In collaboration with PULP  ,On the occasion of the illustration week 2016.

Artist: Adi Marmari, Bina Katz, Dana Tagar, Daniel Wesseik, Dar Fisher DARFISH,  Dave Yaacov, Lian Bronshtein, Maayan Haim &Itay Arbel, Maximiliano David Sidelski, Moran Yogev, Opal Peretz,Kravchuk, Paul Rozenboim, Yifat Petraro.

you will find in this coloring book 26 Detachable pages on drawing paper.                size:A4 32*22 cm)

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