Decorative Designed standing wood mask - Chili Doll #2 Hand made - Inspired by the traditional African masks - By UMASQU


Chili Dols #2 is part of UMASQU's Modern African Collection.
Inspired by the great tradition of the African masks and the inherent lack of realism in them I've created this modern take. 
A handmade decorative standing wooden mask Inspired by colors, patterns, and grids.
Place it at your office, living room or in the kids room, you can not go wrong with this artistic comic art.

All of our masks are hand-painted, unique with their own character and just like us, humans, they have some imperfections but that’s what makes them perfect.

Masks can be similar, but no 2 will ever be exactly alike.

Size: 13*29 cm

* This item is handmade, please allow 6 - 10 business days to produce before shipping.

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