Kaweco AC Sport - Fountain/Ballpoint Pen/ Pencil - Compact design made from carbon


One of the special serieses of Kaweco

A special use of Carbon in the Pen - Carbon is a light and strong substance, used in an aircraft manufacturing and formula 1 cars.
The idea for this pen came from formula 1 design and making.

The weight of the pen with the carbon makes the perfect balance.

Types: Fountain, Ballpoint, Mechanical Pencil 0.7 mm

Fountain penOpen pen length: 13 cm
Refill type: worldwide standart

Ballpiont Pen
Body: Aluminum & Carbon
Weight: 12 gr
Lentgh: 10.5 cm
Refill type: D1

Mechanical Pencil 0.7
Body: Aluminum & Carbon
Length: 11 cm
Refill type: 0.7 led

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