Kaweco Ice - Fountain pen - Modern designs - Variety of colors

KAWECO's sporty and compact appearance remains as attractive as when the first pens were created - years ago.
A comfortable and modern design for a unique writing technique in a variety of happy colors! Yes, the fountain pens are back.
Kaweco Ice is the freshest and most colorful version of fountain pens from the German company Kaweco.

Made in Germany.
The pen features a screw-on cap for extra security, a silver-colored steel nib and a transparent body that allows you to know the amount of ink left in the pen - without any effort!

Made of high quality plastic.
One short blue ink cartridge is included.
The cartridge enters the pen's barrel. If the cartridge appears to be stuck inside the barrel, try gently tapping the barrel on a hard surface several times - to pull it out.

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