"Liebling" A5 sketch block


The A5 sketch block with a rubber band is an upgrade of our giant Block, a sketch block with 44 gr. Pages. These are excellent pages for sketches and "trace" after a picture or sketch. Each block has a single sheet that printed with square grid on one side and dot grid on the second side, so you can use it to create perfect sketches.
The block is hand-made, with a cover and a rubber band, making it a block that can always be in your bag and use anytime you need. Think how perfect and comfortable it is to get to a meeting with a client with a mini-block in the bag or sit at the coffee shop and scribble ...
The cover is designed by Yank Yontef, who is a fonts designer and designed the "Liebling" font, which is a bilingual font.
The "Lebling" font is a family of letters inspired by the international style and the useful graphics of the 1930s in the Land of Israel, seven weights and three alternatives for each letter. The font was designed in 2016 as part of the Liebling Center of the White City Center
* The block produced in limited edition *

The block contains 250 pages of super-high quality 44-gram sketch, has a soft and soft paper, and is easy to write with pen or pencil or marker.


The block size is 21.5X16 CM / 8.5X6.2 IN