Paper Cube- Illustrated with Tel Aviv Hit the beach - Pulp and Citykat Stories


Put Tel Aviv on your office desk

I wish you were sitting now in a kiosk on Rothschild Street

I wish you were eating  now French fries in the Tel Aviv port 
I wish you were kissing now on Habima Square
I wish you were playing now in the Tel Aviv beach

While you're sitting in the office, Pulp and Citykat Stories make sure you can do all this - and more.
Citykat Stories are Ira and Boris Ginzburg, designers, illustrators and office owners Ira Ginzburg, who are now turning their talents to animate Tel Aviv - on paper. Their new collaboration with Pulp brings you Tel Aviv, live and kicking, in the right proportions for your work environment, your desk or your bag.


The new collection includes:

Illustrated Guide to Tel Aviv, Illustrated paper cubes, Small and colorful notebooks, Cotton bags and Prints in various sizes.



The paper cube made of 1000 unique printed sheets. size  10 * 10.  

This convenient memo notepad Cube comes with a jumbo color pencil and packed in a print box.



Paper Cube

10 /10 cm

Black  paper

About 1000 grid pages 80 g/m²

You can choose between White / Silver / Gold Gel Pen or White pencil