Paper Cube - THE BULL mini - ART:REMIX by Hen Macabi & PULP


What do Mona Lisa, David Hockney, Picasso and Matisse, all have in common? They all  get a special contemporary and fun graphics interpretation by the illustrator, Hen Macabi. Together they create a unique collection of original prints and paper products which everyone can enjoy!

Thanks to the Digital Enhancement printing, which gives the illustrations  character and a special texture, we took our notebooks to the next level!   

That paper cube Is part of our new illustrated collection that was produced especially for Tel Aviv Illustration Week 2018, in collaboration with the illustrator Hen Macabi.

The collections theme is: ART:REMIX

Graphics interpretation to classical works of art

The limited edition collection brings different, fresh and a relevant look on classical works of art.

Suitable to your workspace, desk, or bag.

It is perfect for all design lovers and for people who like to work in style.



The paper cube is made up of 1000 unique printed sheets. Size 7.5X7.5 cm.

Yellow Paper Cube
7.5 /7.5 cm
About 750 grid pages 90 gr.


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