Pulp Notebook 615 A5

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A stylish and practical writing set that includes a notebook from the PULP 6! Series of uniquely designed notebooks and a plastic fine-writer pen*.

The inspiration for the unique design of the PULP 6! Notebooks, came from production rejects of the printing process, which we developed into various grid lines and fascinating shapes.

* Please note: The pen is pre-packaged with the notebook, so you can’t select the pen cover color.






Number of sheets 100



Paper covers 380 g/m²

Paper content print grid 90 g/m²

Width 148 mm /5.8 in



Height 210 mm/ 8.3 in



 Depth 12 mm/0.47 in



Plastic fine-writer pen with exchangeable refill



×0.39 10 mm / 5.27×Products size 134in



Produced from 100% post consumer recycled waste