Tel Aviv City Stories - An Activity City Guide for Creative Travelers


Part of our a new limited edition illustrated collection, produced in collaboration with Citykat Stories, which is spreading the city of Tel Aviv on paper.
While you're sitting in your office, Pulp and Citykat Stories make sure you can feel Tel Aviv alive and kicking in the right proportions for your workspace, your desk or your bag.
Citykat Stories was born at the Ira Ginzburg Creative Agency by people with a passion for good design and travel who wish to live life to the fullest.
they specialize in the creation of interactive printed products for avid travelers who love off-the-beaten-path adventures.
The new collection includes:
Illustrated Guide for Tel Aviv / Jerusalem, illustrated paper cubes, small and colorful notebooks, cotton bags and prints in various sizes.

Tel Aviv City Stories - an Activity City Guide for Creative Travelers” is a must-have item for your trip to Israel. A coloring & activity book, travel journal, and city guide all in one.

This book will be your best travel companion. Let it guide you through the city’s secret doors, hidden gems and gardens tucked away, and encourage you to explore them. It includes:

  • All about Tel Aviv - survival guides, insider tips, to-do lists, fun facts about local culture, food, hangout spots and much more.

  • 120 pages of original, unique illustrations for you to color in or draw around to commemorate your own personal experience. The book size is A5.

  • A personal travel journal - document your own experiences and tips, share your discoveries and be creative. “Tel Aviv City Stories” leaves plenty of space for your drawings, pictures, notes, and stories. When you return home, this book will become a memoir of your Tel Aviv travel experience. Your vacation might be over, but the memories will last forever.

Looking for more cities to explore?

Besides Tel Aviv, the City Stories series includes: “Jerusalem City Stories”.


Since we humans left our caves to build cities, towns, and countries all over the world, we've been all about movement. We're born explorers - a new place, a new culture, a new language, and a new way of living.

Ditch your smartphones and Google Maps.
Instead, look for the secret doors, the hidden staircases, and the gardens tucked away.

This guide is our version of real living. It contains personal reflections of the places we love. Iconic spots such as Dizengoff Tower, Rothschild Boulevard, Old Jaffa, and the Carmel Market are there, but from totally new perspectives. 

We invite you to join our illustrated journey!

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