Untitled, 21X15 cm - Limited Edition Prints, PULP X YONIL SPACE PROGRAM


Untitled- Risograph print, 21X15 cm, black, red and green printing, 35 copies.

Limited edition prints, special collaboration by PULP X YONIL SPACE PROGRAM

YONIL is a Tel Aviv based artist, illustrator, and graphic designer.

Since graduating from the department of Visual Communication at the Holon Institute of Technology, he's been working mainly with the music industry and focusing on his own T-shirts label under the same name.

His new personal project, the YONIL SPACE PROGRAM, deals with the never ending and sometimes frustrating, search for inspiration. It tells a story of three four-eyed space cadets, their space training, and missions in search of the unknown, the new and the exciting.

Most of YONIL's works are influenced by music, city life, and his random everyday experiences.
Among others, he designed Album covers for Asaf Avidan, Balkan Beat Box, FeelAbout, gig posters for Jose Gonzalez, Grandaddy, Amanda Palmer, Cults, John Grant and T-shirts for Graniph and Castro Men.
His art has been published in Magazines and books like IdN, Illustration Now! and more.

YONIL always tries walking on the thin line between art, illustration and graphic design, using the tees as his most recognizable format, allowing him to keep true to his ideas, thoughts, opinions, and emotions but also having some fun.

The Risograph machine was introduced in 1980 as an affordable way to print copies. It has gained popularity in recent years by artists and designers alike who have discovered its potential for its beautiful, vibrant and unpredictable printing methods.


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