"Where the wind blows" - Size 30X30/15X15 cm - Wall print - designed by the illustrator Izhar Cohen - Part of a limited edition collection.


PULP is proud  to launch a limited edition collection by the artist Izhar Cohen - One of the most talented and prominent illustrators in Israel.
the new collection includes notebooks| postcards| prints

"Where the wind blows"

Wall print

Eco paper 

Digital printing

30X30/15X15 cm - 250 gr.

*frame is for display only.

Izhar Cohen  - London | Paris | Florence | Tel Aviv

Izhar Cohen's & pulp new  collection - London | Paris | Florence | Tel Aviv - as it's name - combines illustrations from all the years of him living in those cities - printed on notebooks and all sort of designed paper products from the house of PULP.

Izhar: "After years of creation, I'm stopping for a moment and sharing with PULP  my enormous collection of illustrations"

Izhar Cohen is an artist, an illustrator, and a designer. His work has been published worldwide in leading newspapers and magazines - Such as the New York Times, The Guardian, Time Magazine, The Wall-street Journal, La Figaro, Yediot Aharonot and more. In addition, he is a renowned illustrator of books for children.

Born in Israel, 56 years old. Cohen studied at the Bezal'el Academy of Arts in Jerusalem and the Ecole des, Arts Decoratifs in Paris and Central Saint Martins in London.
For the last 25 years Izhar is living on the line of London - Paris - Florence & Tel Aviv.  that affected his inspirations a lot - look for them in his prints and you'll understand the magic.

Cohen says, "My many years of work in different cultural environments have helped me transform my illustrations into an articulate instrument with an identifiable visual language that enables me to create original conceptual connections in the hope of arousing thought with the help of humor."

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