Wide Desk Tray Organizer with a Large Paper Block + A pencil cup - LENA model - Tray color Brown Canvas


This desk tray organizer made of wood paper/canvas paper laminate cardboard. 

The paper block is made from quality paper in a variety of colors.

The Pencil cup is with 4 compartments, Removable insert, Rubber feet to protect desktops and shelves and to avoid sliding and keeping it steady.
Ypu can mix and match from Bigso Box wide range of colors and materials.

It will help keep your workspace neat and organized.

Tray color: Brown Canvas. There are more tray colors. Search "Lena" to see them!

Paper colors: White, Yellow, Pink, Turquoise and Grey.

Pencil cup colors: Red Canvas, Green Canvas, Khaki Canvas, Blue, Light Blue, Yellow, Black&Gold, White&Gold, Black.

Tray Size:

L23.5 X W18 X H3 CM

L9.2 X W7 X H1.18 IN

Paper Block Size:

L13.5 X W17 X H3.7 CM

L5.3 X W6.6 X H1.4 IN

Pencil Cup Size:

W8,5 x D8,5 x H10cm
W3.3 x D3.3 x H3.9 IN

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