Dream/ Machine Exhibition Tel Aviv 22/05/2014

 “La Culture“ + pulp

Dream/ Machine Exhibition Tel Aviv 22/05/2014

Special new 11 Addition of “dream journal “


Our new “Pulp Dream” project to make Freud and Jung proud! a dream journal like you haven’t seen before.

Unique 11 art cover by young Israeli artist & illustrators. 

In one of our popup sale we meet Itay Blaish a Designer and Visual Consultant ,Founder of  “La Culture“, a thematic exhibition which set out to make art accessible as well as affordable, and to provide a public stage for young & promising artists.

We love is passion & visual thinking and it was a new beginning of a frendiship.We decided to create an art exhibition under the theme “dream/machine” with the help of “illustration week-tel aviv 2014”




Itai with the help of Dar Rotem, curator a collection of 70 young and promising artists and illustrators artworks special create to the theme Machine/Dreams. 11 of them been chosen to prepare a layout for the special limited Addison of dream journal.


 Pulp is proud to present the artist & there work .Enjoy the collection .Sweet dreams!

 101 Dream/ Machine – “Child bird”

Illustrate by: Afik Naim

Graduate at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. Living & working in secret apartment in the center of tel aviv.” When nobody watch I do for time to time same music & dj. You can find my most design work  in the night life culture “



102 Dream/ Machine-  “El Sueño2 “

Illustrate by: Elad Muallem

I am 29 years old from Jerusalem,  Graduate of Shenkar College in 2013 majoring in visual communication in illustration. Today I am a Freelancer, And illustrator for a children magazine "eyes"

My technique is black Pilot pen (Crossing technique).



Illustrate by: Laura Tejedor Bonhome

26 years old from Salamanca Spain. Graduate at Salamanca University for arts.

Artist and Graphic Designer.

technique is  Pencils Brushes and manual Typography with images


103 Dream Machine-“Dream Machine” I

Illustrate by: Itay Blaish

is an Israeli Designer and Visual Consultant based in Zurich, Switzerland. Graduate

of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Department of Visual Communications Founder

of “La Culture“, a thematic exhibition which set out to make art accessible as well as affordable,

and to provide a public stage for young & promising artists.

Itay’s Designs and Art are inspired from the combination of Ritual and Technology, specialising

in print, wood block and monotype.



104 Dream Machine- “Dream a little dream”

Illustrate by: Marianna Raskin

I'm 23, a third year student in visual communication at ShenkarSpecializing in illustration and animation.
I paint by hand and on the computer and I like to mix techniques.
What mostly defines my style is looseness,  humor, naivety and somewhat European atmosphere.



105 Dream Machine-“my father told me 1”

Illustrate by: Noa Shpinat

 25, an illustrator and graphic designers. Currently finishing her third year in the Shenkar College's school of design illustration undergraduate program. Most of her work is based on a technique in which hand-drawn lines are being digitally processed and painted. Noa's style is characterized by a graphic line, a strong pallet and details.




106 Dream Machine-“spaceship 2”

Illustrate by: Osnat Feitelson

Based in Tel Aviv, born in Jerusalem. A graduate of Shenkar (2012) and of the Jerusalem Studio School. In 2006 established with Yaron Mendelovici the independent local Tshirt brand Gelada. My work combines hand drawn illustration and graphic art. 

Voyages Extraordinaires is a journey to the 19th century world of Jules Verne & space traveling pioneers. VE a combines my love for Space & Fantasy with the love for illustration & screen printing.



107 Dream Machine- “Vessel”

Illustrate by: Roy Margaliot

Graduate at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem.

Age 31 married +2. Live & work in jerusalem

In my work I test with myself the borders of illustrate as an art .my style is illustration but most of the time is not quote to the text .

My main influence is coming from the Judaism roots. This is my starting point even if it can’t seen in first look!

To me my created art look like the giving of the Law on acid. In spite of that the only drug I use is chamomile tea!



108 Dream Machine- “Printing Press”

Illustrate by: Sari Cohen

is an illustrator based in Tel Aviv. She studied Visual Communications at Shenkar College, and majored in Illustration. She combines manual techniques of pencil, ink and gouache with digital techniques. She uses color, shape and patterns to create bold rhythmic narratives.



109 Dream Machine-  “Come together”

Illustrate by: Masha Manapov

is a multi discipline designer and illustrator based in Tel Aviv working on worldwide commissions. Her work focuses mainly on print and press media specializing in conceptual, colorful and textured imagery.

Her work has been exhibited both locally and internationally and published in various printed and online publications.

My interest is in the everyday. I find inspiration in life's curious moments in behavior patterns, societal issues and discovering the comic nuances that define them.



 110 Dream Machine – “Hand”

Illustrate by: hira Nochumsohn,

 I studied She studied Visual Communications at Shenkar College, and majored in Illustration During the day I work as an illustrator and designer at Turnowsky and in the evenings I illustrate children's books.

Both my illustration styles originate from two different techniques. The one style is originally driven from the vibrant colours of gouache paints, while the other style is heavily influenced by black and white block printing.

The thing both style have in common is my desire for strong, contrast and bold images.




111 Dream Machine- “Creatures in my head

Illustrate by: tom melnick.

27 years old from tel aviv.graduating in shenkar collage of design at the visual communication department- in illustration major.

working as a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and photographer.



 Curator machine/dreams:

Itay Blaish


Design the exhibition poster + dream/machine dream journal


Dar Rotem

Graduate at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Artist. Independed curator



 The notebook itself contains 115 dotted pages and features a flexible yet heavyweight paper cover, as well as a nook that holds the included LED light pen.

Perfect for the budding psychologist in the family, this set has everything he or she needs to keep up on those unthinking impulses—even in the dark


Keep your Pulp Dream Journal and lighted pen near your bed so you can write everything that you remember as soon as you wake up!

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