About Us

The PULP brand was created as a result of a collaboration between two families – Covo and Federbusch – who share a longstanding passion for paper products. Each family owns and operates a family business going back some 100 yearsand spanning over fourgenerations.

The Covo family business, established in 1901, specializes in paper, cardboard and fabric binding. The Federbusch family business, founded in 1936, specializes in high-quality printing.  The third and fourth generations of these families bring expertise in international marketing, product design and trade show exhibit design for some of the world’s leading companies.

At PULP, we design, produce and market creative and inspirational products for your desktop. Some products are custom designed as limited editions and others are developed for mass production.

Our production processes are based on traditional manufacturing methods combined with advanced technologies and a culture of sustainability. Whenever possible, PULP uses eco-friendly and recycled materials, carefully selected for their quality and beauty.

We take pride in producing items that we love and know our customers will love as well! 

PULP welcomes partnerships with external creative designers and specialty stores that share our passion and complement our capabilities.