our designers

Ziv Yaacobi (Covo) :

By profession, I am an Industrial Designer with a degree from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. I come from 4 generations of bookbinders, and I remember numerous summers spent working alongside my father at his book-binding factory. In fact, I can even still remember the smell of the glue he used to bind the books. For the past 20 years, I have been the co-owner of Tamooz - a leading marketing communications agency. Recently, I decided to reawaken my passion for pens, papers and desk accessories, and open Pulp – my vision of a place for paper lovers and designers to come together to create goodies for your workspace. 



Adam Sessler:

I am a Graphic Designer with a degree in Communication Design from the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, Israel. Despite living in a digital world, I find myself still drawn to spending time in printing workshops than to sitting in front of my Mac. I love creating new typography and experimenting by playing around with traditional printing techniques. When Ziv invited me to design the first Pulp notebook line, I immediately agreed. I created the line using a technique called “over-print”. The inspiration for the design came from production rejects and wasted sheets of paper that were left-over from calibrating the printing machine.






Gili Adler and Mirit Har-Lev

We are two independent photographers who gathered together with lots of passion for creativity and great friendship.

Our service includes development of concepts together with the client, studio photography, and outdoor photography.

Our wide range of work includes actor portraits, family portraits, concerts, musician portraits, pack shots and so on...
We believe that professional photography goes together with personal care, consideration of customer needs, and delivering our work as scheduled.



Anna zigan :

A graphic designer, UX and a training big thinker.
I've graduated from the visual communication departement in "Bezalel" 
and since then bravely travelling through the wild life as an explorer.

Varied graphic thinking, cross platform experience and mind blowing visuals :) teach me to this day the power of the image, the message and the medium.

Ideas bring change, design makes them come to life, can't wait for what next!




Yanek Iontef

Born in the USSR, Yanek Iontef moved to Israel at the age of 16 and studied graphic design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. He later worked as a graphic designer in both London and Tel Aviv. Since 1995 he has been teaching typography and type design at the Bezalel Academy. He currently works in Tel Aviv as a designer specializing in type design, corporate identity, and editorial design. Now too an award-winning type designer, he also has his own type foundry, producing a range of Latin and fonts.

Yanek’s cartonnage project to Pulp was inspired by a longtime ambition of having digital types that looks "imperfect" (distressed?) a bit like an old stamp. The cartonnage project was also inspired from the old-school packaging world of pictograms. The result: Pulp’s notebook covers.



Tamir Shefer : http://www.tamirshefer.com

Tamir Shefer was born in San Francisco, California in l963. In l989 he received the degree, Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design from the Bezalel Academy. He currently divides his time between painting, working on commercial multimedia projects, and as the Head of the Design Communication Department at the Technological Institute of Holon in Israel. Tamirs' art has been exhibited in various galleries and museums throughout Israel, several of his paintings having been commissioned projects, and others having been purchased by prominent art collectors. He has had his illustrations published in several National newspapers such as the "Village Voice" in New York, the "San Diego Union Tribune" and the "San Francisco Bay Guardian."

Tamir does not explain the hidden meaning of his art work.  He tries to provoke the spectator by raising questions, and does this by integrating familiar symbols into his work. Tamir uses mixed media in his work and believes that today’s society is busy and overcrowded and is reflected in his art in the form of density, color, and number of images. 


“La Culture“ + pulp ; Dream/ Machine Exhibition  - artists :


Afik Naim

Graduated the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem.  Lives and works in a secret apartment at the center of Tel Aviv. ”When nobody watches I do for time to time some music & dj. You can find most of my design work  in the night life culture.“



Elad Muallem & Laura Tejedor Bonhome

Elad Muallem

I am 29 years old from Jerusalem, graduated the Shenkar College in 2013 majoring in visual communication in illustration.

Today I am a Freelancer and illustrator for the children magazine "Eyes".

My technique is black Pilot pen (Crossing technique).


Laura Tejedor Bonhome

26 years old from Salamanca Spain. Graduated theat Salamanca University for arts.

Artist and Graphic Designer.

Technique is Pencils Brushes and manual Typography with images


Itay Blaish

Blaish is an Israeli Designer and Visual Consultant based in Zurich, Switzerland. Graduated the 

Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Department of Visual Communications. Founder

of “La Culture“, a thematic exhibition for affordable art by for young and promising artists.

Itay’s Designs and Art are inspired by the combination of Ritual and Technology, specializing

in print, wood block and monotype.



Marianna Raskin

I’m 23, a third year student in visual communication at Shenkarspecializing in illustration and animation.
I paint by hand and on the computer and I like to mix techniques.
What mostly defines my style is looseness, humor, naivety and a somewhat European atmosphere.



Noa Shpinat

 25, an illustrator and graphic designers. Currently finishing her third year in the Shenkar College's school of design illustration undergraduate program. Most of her work is based on a technique in which hand-drawn lines are being digitally processed and painted. Noa's style is characterized by a graphic line, a strong pallet and details.



Osnat Feitelson

Based in Tel Aviv, born in Jerusalem. A graduate of Shenkar (2012) and of the Jerusalem Studio School. In 2006 established with Yaron Mendelovici the independent local Tshirt brand Gelada. Her work combines hand drawn illustration and graphic art. 

Voyages Extraordinaires is a journey to the 19th century world of Jules Verne & space traveling pioneers. VE combines my love for Space & Fantasy with the love for illustration & screen printing.



Roy Margaliot

Margaliot graduated the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem.  31, married +2, lives & works in Jerusalem.

“In my work I test the borders of illustration as an art. I am influenced by the roots of Judaism. This is always my starting point, even if it’s not apparent on first sight.”



Sari Cohen

Cohen is an illustrator based in Tel Aviv. She studied Visual Communications at Shenkar College, and majored in Illustration. She combines manual techniques of pencil, ink and gouache with digital techniques. She uses color, shape and patterns to create bold rhythmic narratives.



Masha Manapov

Manapov is a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator based in Tel Aviv, working on worldwide commissions. Her work focuses mainly on print and press media, specializing in conceptual, colorful and textured imagery. Her work has been exhibited both locally and internationally and published in various printed and online publications.

“My interest is in the everyday. I find inspiration in life's curious moments, in behavior patterns, societal issues and discovering the comic nuances that define them.”



Shira Nochumsohn

Nochumsohn studied Visual Communications at Shenkar College and majored in Illustration. “During the day I work as an illustrator and designer at Turnowsky, while in the evenings I illustrate children's books. Both my illustration styles originate from two different techniques. The one style is originally driven from the vibrant colours of gouache paints, while the other style is heavily influenced by black and white block printing.

The thing both style have in common is my desire for strong, contrast and bold images.

http://www.shira-noc.com; http://shira-noc.tumblr.com


Tom Melnick.

27 years old, from Tel Aviv. Gaduated the Shenkar college of design at the visual communication department - an Illustration major.

Melnick works as a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and photographer.



Izhar Cohen

Izhar Cohen is an artist, illustrator and designer. His work has been published world-wide in leading newspapers and magazines, and he is a renowned illustrator of books for children.
Born in Israel, Cohen studied at the Bezal'el Academy of Arts in Jerusalem and the Ecole des, Arts Decoratifs in Paris and Central Saint Martins in London  He lives in Florence, with his wife and daughter.



Nogah Safer:

"Funny to try and summarize myself standing on one foot. I like color, I like shapes. I like creating images that are simultaneously there forever - and gone in a second. I try to have fun. You should too."


Rubi Bakal

part of a series of paintings made from dust on canvas- 2012-2015.each painting is constructed by laying several layers of hand cut stencils and objects on the canvas surface, letting it accumulate dust.  each painting is left at the place that the image is taken from ,and maintained through a period of several months with different layers of stencils, resulting a process resembling photographic exposure.  at the end of the process the image emerges, resulting a site-specific result of tone, texture and color of the sites residues. 


Moria Bachar

is an Israeli painter. Born in 1985 in Kibbutz Afikim she now lives and
works in Tel Aviv. Bachar received her B.F.A. from the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, School of Multidisciplinary Art, in 2015. Her work has been showcased in
galleries and fine arts fairs.


Nitzan Mintz

is an artist and a street-poet based in Tel Aviv. She graduated from The Department of Fine Art and the Department of Creative Writing at Minshar College and from the Helicon School of Creative Writing.

Mintz has showcased her works in galleries, art spaces and events in Israel and abroad.


Feodor Netanel Bezzubov

 Graduated from Bezalel Academy of art and Design. Won the prize of the Ministry of industry 2004. Presented several solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous group exhibitions of Israeli design. Design award of the Ministry of culture. Working as an independent designer