THE CIRCLE LINE | A Pair of Sublimation print on aluminum- BY IZHAR COHEN

$515.00 USD

Home is part of the circle line collection. 

A pair of circles - Sublimation print on aviation aluminum in a high gloss finish and with a floating hanging profile.

Limited edition Signed and numbered  by the artist Izhar Cohen 

size : 30 cm

you can choose the pair you love the most .

3 unique illustrations and color :

Purple Home | Orange Home | yellow home .


Izhar Cohen is an artist, an illustrator, and
a designer. His work has been published
worldwide in leading newspapers and
magazines - Such as the New York Times,
The Guardian, Time Magazine, The Wallstreet
Journal, La Figaro, Yediot Aharonot
and more. In addition, he is a renowned
illustrator of books for children.

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